The company

Wynn fitness
Wynn has built a very many gyms for very many people in the Baltics. For 25 years we have developed a reputation as a very strong partner in the fitness community. We were first in 1995 after collapsing of Soviet System, who bring a premium fitness brand (Technogym) in our market. Today, we are one of the largest commercial distributor of fitness equipment in Baltics, we distribute many first-class top fitness brands, as to Hoist, Core, True, Octane, The Abs, Drax, Jordan, Indigo, etc. We serve a wide range of clients – from Multi-Family Housing, Public Gyms, Hospitality, Corporate and Private gyms, Medical&Wellness, Health Clubs, Rehab institutions, Education & Recreation, to Sport Organizations and PRO teams. Our proven commitment to our customers is unparalleled and undisputable. Wynn is recognised reliable authority.

Our philosophy

When you choose Wynn, you are choosing more than fitness equipment, you are entering into relationship that will enhance your life, improve your performance and ensure the effectiveness of your every workout through every day you use your equipment. Every sale, every promise and every employee is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer`s expectations. This isn`t our company statement, this is our way of doing business. As other fitness providers come and go, Wynn remains the single stable solution to your fitness needs.

Our guarantee

Only Wynn has the products, the people, the parts, the vehicles, the organization and the infrastructure to immediately get you going and keep you up and running. No other fitness equipment provider can make this claim. We`ve done it longer, we do it better and we never stop proving it.