myostyle Wireless EMS Complete Training Set

myostyle Wireless EMS Complete Training Set

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Product Description

This is myostyle

myostyle is one of the first EMS training systems with medium-frequency technology that works without annoying cables. This allows you to get a full-body workout in wherever and whenever you want: at home in the evening or in the office during your lunch break. On your patio or your balcony, or on the beach while on holiday. 

The members of our myostyle team already had many years of experience with a wide range of training methods before they came up with the idea to develop your new EMS training system. Our philosophy: With myostyle, you don’t just look fit and healthy, you will also feel great! To help you achieve this goal, we have taken a technique that has been tried and tested for several decades and developed it further to create myostyle, a training system that meets the needs and goals of many fitness enthusiasts. myostyle is a wireless, full-body training system that you can use to safely complete your workout at any time and any place, while acting as your own personal trainer.

Take the test: Is myostyle right for me?

  • I don’t like going to the gym
  • I prefer spending time with my friends rather than sitting in traffic
  • I don’t like jogging
  • I don’t want to lift weights
  • I have physical limitations
  • I have an injury and want to train in a way that protects me against re-aggravating this injury
  • When I push myself to the limit, I prefer not to be watched
  • I don’t like to be watched when playing sport or training
  • I want to be fit, but I don’t need to look like a fitness model
  • I want to have a healthy complexion
  • I want to try something new and share my experience with others
  • I don’t have much time for other sports
  • I want to lose a few kilos
  • I find it difficult to motivate myself to play sport or train

Did you answer yes to two or more of these questions? 

Then myostyle is the perfect training method for you!

What is EMS?

EMS is an initialism that stands for “Electrical Muscle Stimulation” and refers to a training method that has been trialled for decades and frequently used for rehabilitation purposes or for pain treatment purposes. It is also referred to as electrotherapy. Low-level, but still effective external electrical impulses activate the muscles and cause the muscle fibres to contract.

The full-body training systems developed based on this method, which have been available since the early 2000s, enable almost complete activation of all the main muscle groups and provide an extremely effective method of training. Just two 20-minute training sessions per week is equal to working out for several hours in the conventional way, e.g. in a gym.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, get stronger, improve your endurance or develop a stronger, more attractive body – myostyle will help you to achieve your personal goal! 

How does EMS work?

Before the electrical signals reach your muscles and cause them to contract, the current first needs to overcome the resistance of your skin. The following principle applies here: The higher the frequency – i.e. the greater the number of impulses per second, measured in the unit herz – the easier this resistance is to overcome.

Many EMS systems use low-frequency (LF) impulses that are significantly lower than 1000 hertz (Hz). The skin resistance represents a significant barrier for this frequency, which means that the impulses do not penetrate as deep. This can result in an unpleasant effect in which the low-frequency impulses feel like little pinpricks while training.

In contrast, modern EMS training systems like myostyle use modulated medium-frequency (MF) currents that are significantly higher than 1000 Hz. These faster impulses penetrate more deeply into your musculature and have a much greater effect. This leads to something referred to as the “volume effect”, which enables higher and more intense levels of stimulation. This results in stronger muscle contractions and better effects from training. At the same time, the higher frequencies generally make the training experience feel much more pleasant.

All of the advantages of modulated medium-frequency current at a glance

  • Highly effective muscle activation
  • Simultaneous tissue activation: cell metabolism is stimulated
  • Volume effect: all tissue structures are targeted
  • Depth effect: signal integrity is retained deep into the musculature