Hoist HD-3100 Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension

Hoist HD-3100 Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension

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    Key Features of the Hoist HD-3100 Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension

    Add the HD-3300 to your repertoire of Dual Series machines for a health club or home gym that’s both good-looking and incredibly functional. Perform biceps and triceps movements with ease as you admire the machine’s superior construction.KEY FEATURESHoist’s intimate knowledge of biomechanics is evident in the high-quality construction of the HD-3300. Not only will you love its functionality, but the compact design and affordable price tag are likely to turn some heads as well.

    More Features of the HD-3300 Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension include:

    Multifunction Machine: save space and money by purchasing a piece of equipment that simultaneously functions as both a biceps curl and triceps extension machine

    Adjustable Seat Pad: seven different seating positions easily accommodate users of all sizes and shapes

    Range-of-Motion Adjustments: easily make alterations in the range of motion for both exercises to create a workout customized to your preferences

    Hoist Dual Series machines are ideal for home use. Now you can:

    Take advantage of the space-conserving design and fit more in your home gym

    Share your love of working out with the whole family thanks to multiple adjustment options

    Put your trust in a machine built to last for years to come

    Get gym-quality workouts without leaving your living room – and without breaking the bank!

  • Allows performance of biceps and triceps exercises in one machine
  • Seven seat pad adjustments for varying user heights
  • Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises